PRICE Starts from AED 359

From the modern metropolis of Riyadh to the ancient city of Al-Ula with its stunning rock formations, Saudi Arabia offers a diverse range of experiences. Visitors can explore the rich historical heritage in places like Diriyah and Al-Diriyah, immerse themselves in traditional Saudi cuisine, and witness the natural beauty of the Red Sea coastline and the vast Arabian desert. The opening of Saudi Arabia to tourism has unveiled its hidden gems, allowing travelers to engage with its warm and hospitable people and experience a unique blend of tradition and modernity. Saudi Arabia's newfound focus on tourism makes it an intriguing destination for those looking to explore an evolving and culturally significant part of the Arabian Peninsula.

Required Documents

    • Passport Copy
    • Passport Size Photo With White Background
    • Visa Copy


  • PROCESSING TIME :1 Working Days
  • STAY PERIOD :90 Days
  • FEES :AED 359